Quality Epoxy Floor Products for Fire station Floors, Rescue and EMS Facilities
  • Engine Bay Floors had always had one business goal: to become the best epoxy floor coating company serving fire stations, rescue and EMS facilities in the nation.
  • Finding the highest quality fire station floor resurfacing products was of monumental importance.
  • The concrete resurfacing materials would become the foundation by which the reputation of Engine Bay Floors would forever be built.
  • Following years of extensive research and laboratory testing, Engine Bay Floors and our manufacturing partners developed a collection of concrete floor resurfacing systems to solidify our reputation for unsurpassed quality and unwavering customer support.
Fire Station Floors require Unparalleled Durability

We offer super hybrid concrete floor products utilizing a patented, ultra high strength epoxy formulation and blend of proprietary aggregates. This 1/4 inch (250 mil) concrete resurfacer is revolutionizing the industry with unequalled compressive strength, impact resistance and wear. Highly specialized installation techniques help make this fire station floor system the most durable and the best value in the market today.

Complementing the main product line are two additional systems custom designed and formulated to protect and enhance fire station floors with superior results.

Commonly known as broadcast concrete floor resurfacing systems, specified to be installed at 1/8 inch (125 mils) or 1/16 inch (65 mils);, these concrete floor resurfacers utilize cycloaliphatic amine blended epoxies and indestructible silica quartz aggregates in combination to produce a concrete resurfacing matrix with extreme abrasion resistance and wear characteristics. Additionally, the aggregates produce a safe, non-skid surface that lasts the life of the concrete resurfacing system.

Rounding out the fire station floor system options is our economical system of high wearing epoxy and polyester polyurethane coatings.

Better known as thin mil concrete resurfacers, this coating system lasts much longer than traditional paints and sealers. The added traction and light reflectivity improves safety and provide world class first impressions. Years of research, superior formulations and time tested installation techniques guarantee this thin mil concrete will stay bonded under the intense heat of hot vehicle tires.

All of our floor epoxy products meet the most rigid Federal, State and Local VOC laws. These concrete floor surfaces provide maximum chemical resistance, are easy to clean yet safe, and have been formulated to satisfy all the demands and expectations of today’s fire station community. Each and every concrete resurfacing system is backed by our exclusive Engine Bay Protection Plan which includes long term warranties against delamination and defects in materials and workmanship.

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