Floor Epoxy 1600 Offers:

  • A protective, non porous concrete floor finish suited for firehouse floors, medium duty rescues, brush trucks and ambulances
  • A slip resistant, concrete floor finish reducing the risk of injury when wet
  • An easy to maintain, seamless fire house floor finish… an integral cove base is available
  • Aesthetic versatility; Floor Epoxy 1600 is available in a variety of colors and gloss levels
  • To rejuvenate worn surfaces with a concrete floor finish that yields a smooth, uniform appearance

Engine Bay Floors, the leader in polymer flooring installation for today’s Fire House Floors, Rescue and EMS facilities.

Floor Epoxy 1600 is a 65 mil (1/16 of an inch) epoxy-polyester polyurethane single broadcast floor resurfacing system ideal for fire house floors, rescue and EMS facilities. Utilizing cycloaliphatic amine blended epoxies and indestructible silica quartz aggregates in combination produce a resin rich, chemical resistant, protective, self leveling polymer flooring system that lasts up to 3x longer than competitive high build urethane/epoxy finishes.

Floor Epoxy 1600 is an economical floor resurfacer designed for fire house floor use. It provides good value as a dependable flooring system delivering a proven solution for durability and traction control.

The Floor Epoxy 1600 system delivers beneficial performance whether you’re planning its use for restoration or overlaying new concrete. It offers an attractive, rugged, safe, system with compressive strengths greater than standard concrete. Floor Epoxy 1600 will resist the constant loads from medium duty rescues, brush trucks and ambulances. The new concrete floor finishes are guaranteed to stay bonded, are resistant to delamination and capable of dissipating high temperatures resulting from hot tires. Additionally, Floor Epoxy 1600 will be cured and ready for traffic (in most cases) in less than 24 hours after completion of your fire house floor project.

With VOC compliant, 100% solids chemistry, Floor Epoxy 1600 meets or exceeds strict Federal, State and Local VOC laws and regulations. This fire house floor resurfacing system has a unique combination of flexibility, impact, chemical and abrasion resistance along with high bond strength to concrete. Floor Epoxy 1600 will improve the most used item in your fire house….the Floor!

From the initial consultation to the completion of your concrete floor resurfacing project, let us show you how our industry knowledge and years of design and installation experience result in the difference you can count on.

At Engine Bay Floors, while you’re protecting the people we’ll be protecting the floors with tough performing Floor Resurfacing 1600 or other concrete floor resurfacing installations.


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